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Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance

It stands to reason there would be Wedding Insurance. There is every other type of insurance to cover everything else in the world so why not Weddings?

Wedding Insurance, however, is not that well known and is something that you shouldn’t take for granted. Let’s be honest, when planning and executing a wedding you are relying on a lot of people and services to make it the best day possible and what would happen if you caterer goes under or your venue closes down….. What happens to all that money you have paid out?

In this economical climate you just can’t take that risk so we have put together some information on what exactly is Wedding insurance, who provides it and how you can cover yourself against most eventualities just in case.

Better safe than sorry we say especially for something as expensive (sorry, ahem, important) as your Wedding.

Wedding Insurance advice

  • john lewis wedding insurance
    John Lewis Wedding Insurance
    John Lewis Wedding Insurance Nothing should spoil your big day. That’s why having wedding insurance can help give you peace of mind when you’re planning. Wedding Insurance provides financial protection in case things don’t go to plan on your big day. This includes covering cancellation if the bride, groom or...

Take a few seconds to watch this video courtesy of John Lewis Wedding Insurance, our recommended supplier of Wedding Insurance, as it helps to understand all the right reasons for taking out this important cover.

Wedding Insurance infographic

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