The 4 C's – Carat

When people refer to the value of diamonds they usually refer to ‘The 4 Cs: Carat, Cut, Clarity and Colour’. In fact, as diamond experts there are hundreds of things we look for when valuing a stone, but the shape and these 4 factors will help you to determine the type of specification you’re looking for when buying a diamond.

What is a Carat?

A measure of weight, one carat is the equivalent of 0.2 grams.


Carat weights known as ‘magic weights’, 1/2ct or 0.5ct, 3/4ct or 0.75ct, 1ct, 1.5ct or 2cts signify a price increase as it is very difficult for diamond cutters to shape the exact weight.


‘Under-sizes’ are diamonds that weigh just below a magic weight, for example 0.95cts as opposed to the round magic weight of 1ct. They are very popular because you can achieve a 30% reduction in price when buying an under-size stone and it’s worth remembering a carat is a measure of weight and not strictly size, so therefore it’s impossible to tell the difference when comparing two stones of similar size; unless you have a pair of scientific weighing scales!

Buying a slightly under-sized diamond is a wise financial saving and also why they are harder to come by.

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