5 Things to Consider When Picking a Wedding Venue

Choosing engagement rings and picking a wedding venue are two of the most important concerns that an engaged couple need to attend to in order to make their special day perfect. For engagement rings, these decisions remain a private matter affecting only the couple. Unfortunately, the choice of a wedding venue will ultimately be everyone’s business so it is good to pay attention to some pointers in picking a wedding venue that will be appropriate and comfortable.

1. Know how many people are coming

Or at least have a good guesstimate. The number of guests you have on that special day is a very important factor in selecting the right venue for your big affair. As it would be with engagement rings, the perfect fit is important. You don’t want to have a hall that would look half empty even with all your guests in attendance; at the same time being squished and unable to move around may be fine in bars and pubs but it is not the best thing during weddings.

2. Think of the season and the weather.

Most of the time, couples try to book the venue for their wedding months ahead of time. This is of course a most sensible step to take. However, it also means you have to project what kind of temperature you will be having by then.

If you want an outdoor wedding but you a fall date cast in stone, you may have to look for a venue that can at least give you the ambience of the great outdoors. Find out about air conditioning and heating if you think either will be needed on the day of your wedding.

3. Consider the style of the wedding as a whole.

Again, just like engagement rings, style is important in the scheme of things. Some couples want an informal ceremony and a reception in the same spirit while some couples want a more formal setting. Try to pick a venue you will be happy to remember as the location of the most important day in your relationship.

4. Timings

Find out what the venue is like at the time of day that you will be saying your “I do’s” and listening to wedding toasts. If you visit a restaurant or a hall in the morning, rest assured it will look quite different in the late afternoon or at night. Bring your wedding planner with you when you do this so that he or she can take note of relevant details.

5. Ask if the venue provides everything

Tables, chairs, linen, wine and all the special touches you want on your big day. Ask about what you can contract from an outside vendor and find out if they have in-house rules about corkage and all that. Some venues won’t provide everything but will refer you to an exclusive list of vendors that you have to work with. Some venues will not allow you to bring your own wine while some will require you to use their house wine. These are details what you need to find out way before you sign on the dotted line.

Picking a venue can be a harassing and stressful chore but when all is said and done, finding the right one is worth every bit of trouble you have to go through. Years after, if you manage to pick the right one, you will forget how exhausting the search was but you will remember the beautiful place where you started your life as husband and wife.

VenuesMichael Deluce