5 Tips on Picking the Right Best Man

Now that you’re bachelor life is almost over, there are some things that you need to do to make your wedding day as perfect and remarkable as possible. One such crucial decision that you need to do early on is choosing the right best man.

If you find it difficult to choose among your closest mates, then worry not. Here are some sure-fire tips to help you pick the best man perfect for the job.

Tip # 1 Reliablility

The number one quality that your best man should have is reliability. As your right hand, he is expected to help you during the preparation of the wedding and to be there when you need him the most. If you feel like one of your potential best men is somewhat non-committal, even if he is your best mate, then it would be wise to cross him out from your list.

Tip # 2 Confidence

Typically, your best man is required to give a speech during your wedding day. If you want this part of your wedding to go on as “drama-free” as possible, then make sure you choose a person who doesn’t panic in front of a large crowd. Also, better not pick a mate who’s quite emotional. He may not be able control himself and cry in front of your guests; you’d be lucky if he doesn’t expose some of your naughty ways in his speech too. Instead, find someone who’s confident and funny. For sure, not only you and your special lady will love him but your guests as well.

Tip # 3 Organizational Skills

One of the duties of you best man is to organise your stag do and to make sure that all of your mates are properly informed of the venue and time of the event. For him to successfully carry out such a party, he needs to have good organisational and interpersonal skills. Remember, your stag do will only happen once. So make sure you choose the right mate capable of organising an unforgettable  party.

Tip # 4 Availability

Availability is another factor that you should consider when picking a best man. Even if one of your mates has all the qualities that a perfect best man should have, if he is in Thailand—experiencing the goods of that exotic country—or in any other distant place, then it would be unwise to “hire” him. Remember, your best man is your right hand. He should be there to help you take care of your wedding preparation.

Tip # 5 Family

Perhaps this is the most important consideration you need to keep in mind when choosing a best man. Always remember that blood is always thicker than water. Your mates will come and go, but your family will always be there for you. As such, if you have a younger brother or cousin, then pick him as your best man. He may be better suited for the job rather than your college best friend who’s still a party animal.

Well, there you have it, the five sure-fire tips to help you pick the right best man. Keep them in mind and you surely won’t go wrong with your decision.