How to get the best value for money when buying diamond jewellery

Investing in any piece of diamond jewellery can be daunting, but with the added extra emotional significance of purchasing engagement or wedding rings – it’s very easy to become overwhelmed!

We’ve asked our diamond expert Vashi Dominguez from to share with us his top tips on how to ensure you are getting the best value for money, when you buy any piece of diamond jewellery, or even just a loose diamond!

1. Sticking to your budget:

Gone are the days when you ‘should’ spend 2-3 month’s salary on an engagement ring or be pressured into spending any amount which you cannot afford. There’s nothing less romantic than getting into financial debt and overstretching yourself. It’s about getting the best quality diamonds, for your hard earned money, via research and experience gained from the resources available. Really think about how much you can afford and when is the right time for you. Online diamond retailers are a clever choice because they don’t run with the massive overheads that big time stores do.

2. Think outside of the Box:

Expensive gift wrapping and luxurious packaging cost money, and although these frills are a nice thing to have, ultimately you as the customer pay for them in the total price tag of your purchase. When out shopping for diamond jewellery on the high street or in luxury stores, try not to swayed by flashy surroundings. After all, you are taking your piece of diamond jewellery home, and you are supposed to be wearing it…not keeping it in a box! Be sure to study the specification of a diamond, and try to see it in normal daylight, not exuberant showroom lighting.

3. Magic Weights:

A measure of weight, one carat of diamond is the equivalent of 0.2 grams. Carat weights known as ‘magic weights’, 1/2ct or 0.5ct, 3/4ct or 0.75ct, 1ct, 1.5ct or 2cts signify a price increase as it is very difficult for diamond cutters to shape the exact weight.

‘Under-sizes’ are diamonds that weigh just below a magic weight, for example 0.95cts as opposed to the round magic weight of 1ct.  They are very popular because you can achieve a 30% reduction in price when buying an under-size stone and it’s worth remembering a carat is a measure of weight and not strictly size, so therefore it’s impossible to tell the difference when comparing two stones of similar size; unless you have a pair of scientific weighing scales!  Buying a slightly under-sized diamond is a wise financial saving (also why they are harder to come by). At, we show a lot of ‘under-size’ stones to offer people a great alternative to the higher prices of ‘magic weights’.

4. Research:

Get to grips with The 4 C’s about diamonds: download our Panic Groom’s guide to diamonds here:

5. After Care

It’s easy to be bamboozled by the process of buying diamond jewellery and completely forget that you may need assistance afterwards also. Services such as free insured next-day delivery, free returns for a good amount of time, free ring sizing for life and free lifetime warranty should come as standard with any good reputable diamond jeweller, and always be sure to check the reviews online from places like Review Centre, to ensure other customers have had a good experience.