How To Structure your Groom Speech

It is so important not to quash your own emotions and personal input by trying to fit into a set structure.  However, if you need some guidance on how to structure your groom speech, see below.

  1. Thank the father of the bride for his words; re-iterate welcome to guests.

  2. Mention those who have traveled (from far away or with effort).

  3. Weave-in a reference to your wife (“my wife and I…”).

  4. Link to some key mentions (possibly your parents at this stage).

  5. Use anecdotes about the crucial stages in your relationship to link other thanks and mentions.

  6. Become a little more sincere about what being married to her means to you (not too slushy!)

  7. Lighten the mood with a final set of thanks / mentions / possibly a brief introduction to your best man.

  8. End with a toast (traditionally to the bridesmaids).

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