Lucky 7 Traditional Proposal Ideas

Here are Panic Grooms lucky 7 Traditional Proposal Ideas for you all to ponder over. There is nothing elaborate about these sentiments but they are rich in traditionalism, so if you are not the overly creative or flashy type, these are great ways to get the job done.

The Traditional Proposal

You have all seen this one in the movies. It’s simple, wherever you maybe and whatever it is that she happens to be doing at the time, you get down on one knee, release the rock and say four simple ,yet deceptively hard to say at the time, words. “Will you marry me?”

The Holiday Gift Proposal

Holiday times are always ones for love andd giving so what perfect time to pop the question. One favoured routine is to wrap the ring up as something entirely different then wait for the ‘gasp’ as she realises what her gift really is.

The Dinner Proposal

Another really popular proposal technique is to take your better half to a fancy resteraunt and get the chef or waiter to hide the wedding ring in the dessert. Just be careful she doesn’t eat it though, it has been known to happen on too many occassiouns.

That takes me back

Do you remember where you had your first date, first kiss, first dance? If you have a place that is attached to a fond memory that you both shared take her back to it. If you pop the question in a place full of fond memories and nostaligia then you are onto a sure winner.

On holiday

Romantic trips away are always popular times for marriage proposals. There must be something about the unfamiliar surroundings of foreign land that entices proposals out. In front of the Eiffel Tower, on top of the Empire State Building or on the white sands of Barbados you are bound to get the ‘Yes’ you are looking for with a proposal abroad.

Treasure Hunts

Conjure up a series of clues which will eventually lead your bride back to you with her ring in your hand. Make sure that on her journey, the clues are personal to both you and her as it adds to the moment. This whole proposal idea is not as difficult as it sounds.

Do I have to spell it out?

My mate Rob wrote an entire poem in the sand when he proposed to his better half. I don’t know about her but I nearly cried…. This is a sure hit! Spelling out ‘Will you marry me?’ in the sand or in pebble or flowers is an old school winner.

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