Organising a Stag Do

So you have been left in charge of organising a Stag Do? Don’t get us wrong, this is a challenge but one you can take great pleasure in taking on because get it right and you will be a King among men.

Panic Groom have made your life that little bit easier by throwing together all the requirements for a great Stag Do that will cover all the appropriate angles for a great Stag Do for yourself, the Groom and the rest of your mates. They will love you, you will love us so everyone is a happy chappy.

Just follow our little set of rules for organising a Stag Do and you are Goldenballs.

Who is going?

  • This is something that we recommend the Groom and Best Man figure out together. Working together helps to further eliminate any clashes in personalities within your Stag Party which are just not needed.

  • Have a max number in mind of 10,20,30 etc and stick with it.

  • Once you have got the list together decide on a date (see below), email around and see who’s keen. Don’t be surprised if some of the boys flake even at this early stage.

When are you going?

  • Decide on a date that works for the Groom and Best Man and stick with that. In a team of 10+ people you are very lucky if you can get a date that works for everyone so some people are just going to have to move some stuff around or lump it. You can’t cater for everyone.

  • One way to test the water on a few possible dates if you wish is to give a few options and get people to simply ‘Yes or No’ their availability for each date then the date with the most Yes’s wins.

  • Get this phase of the proceedings out the way early as this can often prove a horrible sticking point in the developmental stages and leaves less time to figure out the good bits.

Where are you going?

  • Decide firstly whether your preference for destination is home (UK based) or Away (anywhere else)

  • The pro’s and con’s of a home or away stag do are up for debate always but one thing is certain, should you go abroad you will be turning your Stag Do into a Stag Weekend/Week which will in turn be more expensive. Be aware that budget and time off work are two of the major sticking points in people’s ability to commit to jumping about your fun bus.

  • Stag Parties tend to come with a certain degree of expected frivolity so in turn there are certain places that may be frowned upon by your Wolfpack’s ‘better halves.’ We do not recommend telling white lies about your final destination but more keep in mind that your ‘attached’ mates, your own Girlfriend (if applicable) and not to mention the Groom’s own fiance are bound to throw up some resistance to a few of your more crazy ideas.

  • If you are struggling for inspiration use the Panic Groom UK Stag City Guide, Europe Stag City Guide or America Stag City Guide to help.

There’s so much room for activities

  • Deciding on what you are all going to get up to is easily the best part. Panic Groom recommends making the most of your short time so fit in both Day and Night Activities.

  • Go to our Stag Do Ideas page for some awesome ideas but mainly your day time frolics should involve a bit of team building and friendly competition. It is likely that not all of your Stag Party are going to know each other fully so these are a good ice breaker, something to chat about in the evening. Examples of this would be Shooting, paintball, dodgeball, Go Karting. That kind of Jazz.

  • Evenings entertainment can be varied though tend to follow a similar theme. Bare in mind that it is not necessarily everybody’s cup of tea to drink until they die so again think of ways of making it fun for everyone. A few dares usually make for a few laughs.

  • The same can be said for the ladies of the night. Allow customary in most regards to frequent a Gentleman’s establishment, again, some people are just not that into it so although it really comes down to the Groom’s preference just remember that maybe not everyone will be that keen….. Just a thought, don’t shoot the messenger.

Thoroughly embarrassing the Groom

  • This is an absolute must on any Stag Do but again there can be a fine line between embarrassment and treating the Stag like a gimp for an evening or two. Remember that it is his night really, so it’s only right that he gets to enjoy it also. Don’t go to over the top.

  • A Stag Costume is usually a good laugh along with a couple of Stag Accessories. Making the Stag look the part is a great start to the proceedings.

Pubs and Clubs – They might not like you!

  • The boys on the door at Pubs and clubs tend not to like the following: Squadies, Rugby Teams and Stag Parties (in that order). Personally, I think they are my favorite sets of people but they disagree. On that note, it is worth finding out in advance whether the Pubs and Clubs are going to let you in fancy dress/costumes/varying degrees of inebriation.

  • Most major cities in the UK have a Pub Link facility which connects all the Doorman and Manager in every bar. It’s worth noting that if any of your party gets ‘asked to leave’ any establishment it is highly likely you won’t be going anywhere after that. Might be worth having a quieter word with some of your more riotous members of the group to reign it in if they begin to look like they may get out of hand.

More Money, More Problems

  • If Biggy Smalls and Puffy Wothisname say it, it must be true. Money will be a horrid sticking point on Stag Do’s. We recommend that you have a strict no pay, no play policy. Basically, get all the money for all the arranged activities long before the date.

  • If people have paid then the only money they will need will be beer/food money. Makes things easy.

  • Don’t foot the bill yourself (Best man or Stag) as this can lead to resentment and ill feeling in the camp later down the line and you don’t want any of that. Plus some friends have a habit of going missing if money is owed.

Stag DoMichael Deluce