Pinterest it down!

Pinterest has quickly become a social media giant and here at Panic Groom we are loving it more and more.

For those not yet familiar with Pinterest I can’t explain the ins and outs as it would fill up the post but simply put, it is great social media tool for creating and sharing visual mood boards on any subject you like. Perfect for getting together a host of ideas for things, and for the purpose of arguement, weddings.

Now how does this help you? Well let me start by explaining that I first thought about writing this post when Panic Groom joined Pinterest, which, by the way, was purely out of curiosity.

I quickly realised it’s power and how easy it was to get lost in looking at pictures of the things you enjoy. I started off looking at Wedding rings then quickly deviated to Rugby stuff, Poker, Watches and before I knew it hours had flown by and I’d ‘Pinned’ this awesome mash up of great images for all the things I liked. I was hooked and my board was pretty cool.

Then, my sister came round to visit (who is currently planning her own wedding) and unknown to me, she too had discovered Pinterest. She showed me all of these different image boards she had created from Rings to dresses to venues etc and it looked like she’d been at this for hours. Through this one social media platform she had pretty much designed her ‘Dream Wedding.’ Awesome. She was chuffed.

So I got to thinking. Pinterest is perfect for us blokes to get into the mind of your other half and get an understanding of what they are looking for in their dream wedding, and it’s all in one place. Not having to trudge through Bridal Magazines or to Wedding Shows but to have all the ideas visually collated into one safe, happy place. This is invaluable if you think about it.

Making your Pinterest board is something that couples can do together. Creating an image collage of all the different things you would like to see at your wedding. That would be nice and it shows you’re taking an interest. Cash in those browny points.

Secondly, it is also a place where you can get an idea of what you, the man, might want at a wedding and do some excellent stealth recon for some wedding surprises that she might never see coming.

If you really want to see the power of Pinterest on weddings then you really should check out this YouTube video of a guy who planned his fiances dream wedding through Pinterest and then carried it out. It’s pretty clever stuff. It’s a half an hour video so grab a cuppa (or beer) and enjoy it. It get’s a little deep towards the end but the sentiment is most definitely there.

This is a tool seriously worth consideration as it could be very helpful to your part in the wedding planning.

We wish you all the best and make sure you follow Panic Groom when you get going.

Michael Deluce