The 4 C’s – Cut

Listen up guys because the cut of your diamond truly makes a difference. What do we mean by cut exactly? Well, the cut refers to the diamond’s reflective qualities and it is actually the most important factor in determining a diamond’s value!

A good cut allows the diamond to handle the light the most beautifully and means it will emit that coveted sparkle. The very highest cut grade is ‘Super Ideal’.

The Super Ideal

A ‘Super Ideal’ or other well cut diamond will have angles which allow the light to reflect back into the eyes of the person looking at it. When well cut, and observed head-on, light will enter through the top of the precious stone and is reflected from one side to the other, then bouncing back out of the diamond. This is known as the ‘brilliance’ of the diamond. Sound complicated?

It’s easier to understand when you compare a well-cut diamond to a poorly cut one. In a poorly cut diamond, light entering the diamond ‘leaks’ out from the sides or bottom rather than reflecting back to the eye. Thus, it emits less brilliance.