The Perfect Proposal: Is a grand gesture necessary?

The Perfect Proposal: Is a grand gesture necessary

So, you’ve met The One and decided it’s time to take your relationship to the next level: you’re going for the perfect proposal. All you have to do now is decide how you’re going to pop the question. It’s something you only get one shot at, so you want to do it right.

The media regularly bombards us with grand gesture proposals, featuring flash mobs and promises written in fire. After all, bigger is always better, right? Wrong.

Whilst grand gesture proposals can be spectacular, some of the most romantic and memorable proposals are small and intimate.

Make it personal

Chances are, if your partner is a little shy and not usually seeking to be in the limelight, they’re not going to feel comfortable with a flash mob or a proposal in a public place. Showing you really know your partner through your proposal is the key to getting it right.

What makes them happy? Laugh? What special moments have you shared? Building a proposal around these key details needn’t be expensive but it will ensure it’s the perfect proposal: attention to detail will result in a proposal you will both treasure. Pay attention to their reaction to other people’s proposals and make a list of their favourite things.

Forget what you think is ‘cool’: this is all about what will make them happy.

Small, but beautifully formed

One of my favourite proposals took place in the couple’s home and cost very little to organise. It also took place on a ‘normal’ day – surprise is a key ingredient of a great proposal.

The lucky lady arrived home from work to find arrows made of yellow tulips (her favourite flower) leading her around the home she shared with her boyfriend, to photos representing key moments from their relationship framed in vintage frames (she loved all things vintage). This reminded her of all the special moments they’d shared together and began to build anticipation. The flower arrows took her to their patio, where, on the table, she found a final frame – facing away from her – surrounded by yellow tulips. When she reached the final frame, she discovered it was a mirror. Her boyfriend was on one knee behind her and as she looked in the mirror he said, “This will be my favourite memory of all.” She turned to find him holding out a ring.

Their proposal was incredibly romantic and, most importantly, right for them.

Happy Ever After

Your proposal is about so much more than choosing a ring; it’s a significant life event and important milestone in your relationship. Everyone you know – and some you don’t – will want to know how you asked and it’s a memory that will stay with you both forever.

Making sure you create a story you’re both proud to tell doesn’t have to cost the earth or require a production crew; all it takes is thought and attention to detail. Good luck!

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