The Slightly Trickier Best Man Choice

Picking your best man can be as tough as you want to make it

If its tough due to having a number of close mates in your pack, I would suggest to pick the average looking one. Not the good looking one; you don’t want him looking better than you. or the ugly one, remember he will be in a lot of your wedding pictures!

If all your mates are really good looking or ugly, pick the one you have been close to for the longest time. If you have known each other for the same time, then pick the one that you ask to go for a pint with after a bad day; and I don’t mean pick the alcoholic.

If your all alcoholics, ask your brother, if you don’t have a brother, ask your dad, if that’s a no no then Google male escort agency ….

On a serious note if you really are struggling, either put their names in hat and pick one, just don’t tell anybody! or ask them all, I don’t know about any law that says you can only have one best man do you?!