Top 10 tips for writing your Groom Speech

The date is set, the venue is booked, and the invitations have been sent out. Just the small matter of your groom speech to write. Here are ten more specific tips to ensure that your groom speech is memorable (for the right reasons!):

1. Keep it original. It’s fine to include the odd predictable phrase, but don’t go overboard or your speech will sound like its lifted from the internet.

2. Thank your new in-laws (particularly if they are hosting the wedding). If your bride is not giving a speech, she might not get the opportunity to thank her parents publicly for all they’ve done for her, so it’s up to you to do it on her behalf.

3. Mention your own parents.  Your Groom speech is a chance for you to look back over decades of parenting. Thank them for the late night lifts to parties when you were a teenager, or the freezing afternoons at the side of a muddy sports field as you lost to the away team, or for helping you move into your first house; anything that demonstrates the love and support they have provided for so long. 

4. Don’t forget this is a celebration of love. Try to balance your hilarious one-liners with sincerity. What is it about your wife that you love? How has your life changed since you met? Which of your annoying habits does she have to put up with?

5. Don’t spend more time talking about the Best Man than the Bride.  Although it’s nice to reference the Best Man and poke a bit of fun at him, remember that your wedding day is about your relationship with your Bride, not your best mate. 

6. She’s your ‘wife’ so feel free to mention it! Nothing gets more of a heart-warming cheer than the line “my wife and I…”. Yes, it’s predictable and a little bit cheesy, but the novelty of hearing it for the first time never fails to please your new bride, or your guests for that matter. And you’re bound to get a cheer which will calm any nerves you have.

7. Mention how great your bride looks. However you choose to say it, make sure you remark on her appearance. This is a once in a life time opportunity to tell your wife in front of a large collection of your friends and family just how much you fancy her!

8. Leave out the ex-girlfriends. Sounds like an obvious one, but it’s a common mistake! However ‘relaxed’ your wife is about your past, there’s a time and a place for referencing the exes and the Groom’s speech isn’t one of them. This also goes for most ‘risky’ topics -  anything you feel could cause offence to anyone should not be included.

9. Talk to her. The more sincere elements of your Groom’s speech will be far more powerful and personal if, when you’re talking about your wife, you actually make eye contact with her. And address her as ‘you’ rather than ‘she’.

10. Liaise with her Dad.  Assuming he is doing his Father of the Bride speech before yours, it’s worth checking that you are not going to be duplicating too many thanks or stories about your bride, how you met, or the proposal. Cross checking is crucial!

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