Want a suit that fits?

If you want a suit that fits perfectly and are thinking of getting a new suit but can’t quite decide between an off-the-peg suit or going bespoke? Well, this blog will help you to make your decision. There are many advantages to going bespoke and these can be narrowed down into the following points:

Cloth choice

When buying an off-the-peg suit you will be faced with a limited variety of cloths to select from because the garments are already made. When going bespoke, there are hundreds, even thousands of cloth choices for you to pick from. Yes, that can sound daunting but here at A Suit That Fits, we have expert Style Advisors to provide help and advice so finding the cloth that’s right for you, should be a breeze!

The suit design

Probably the most enjoyable advantage of opting to go bespoke is the fun to be had designing your suit. At A Suit That Fits we have over 40 billion different design combinations, with that many options you can create social, business and wedding suits exactly how you want.

The fit of your suit!

The final and most important advantage of going bespoke is the final fit of your garments. Opting to go bespoke allows you to have a garments created to match your body measurements exactly.

Some of the biggest everyday problems off-the-peg suit wearers face are the length of their trousers, their sleeve length, jacket length and the width of their garments throughout. Off-the-peg suits are cut and made to fit a generic size and not everybody is the same size therefore some customers can be left with no option to opt for a suit that is a size bigger/smaller to fit their leg, arm and chest size. This then affects the shape of the garment.

Having a Bespoke suit made allows you to create something that is moulded around your body shape with a fit that is completely decided on by you with the help of one of our style advisor’s.

Today the fit of suits are swaying towards the slimmer fit. The jacket chest and waist measurements and tapering of the trousers through the thigh, knee and ankle are the best way to create slimmer fit suit.

It’s important to remember even though slim is a modern look there is a fine line between social and conservative so being practical of what you want is key. Even though a slim look has become vastly popular in recent years classic tailoring will never go out of fashion with traditional jacket length as opposed to short, clean cut trousers at the back with one brake in the font and a slight hour glass shape in the jacket.

So there you have it, the advantages of bespoke over off-the-peg suits. For more information on how to create you bespoke garment please visit www.aSuitThatFits.com and book an appointment with one of our expert Style Advisors in one of our 30 locations nationwide.

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